"BRIDGE Housing Corporation engaged J. H. Fitzmaurice (JHF) in 2007 to serve as general contractor for its Ironhorse community in West Oakland. JHF's involvement started with preconstruction review, continued through to construction supervision and contracting, and concluded with punch and close-out. Ironhorse is a 99 unit podium building with a $28 million construction value that posed a number of construction challenges - notably a set of interwoven archaeological, environmental, and soil structural issues that complicated the initial phase of work and a particularly challenging design that involved several features never previously undertaken by the team, such as two large extensive green roofs and an acoustically isolated music room. The JHF team brought the project in ahead of schedule and under-budget. They did so while respecting the design vision and ensuring overall quality of construction. I appreciated their pro-active engagement on potential problems, attention to detail, and whole-hearted commitment to a quality product. I was particularly impressed by their "team" approach to general contracting- as they anticipated architect and owner concerns and responded thoroughly to all issues as needed. Their work on this project places them among BRIDGE's top cadre of general contracting relationships, which is evidenced by our engagement of them for another high profile project currently underway in San Leandro. I give them my wholehearted recommendation and welcome any inquiry into their work."


Project Manager

"EAH Housing was established in 1968 and has grown to develop 95 properties that house over 20,000residents across California and Hawaii in its 50 years of operation to date. As a nonprofit housing developer, EAH is only able to reach these milestones by partnering with firms that demand a high quality product and are able to stay within schedule and budget. On behalf of A H , I am pleased to offer this letter recommending J.H. Fitzmaurice for these very reasons. EAH has been fortunate to partner with JHF on multiple projects this past decade. Currently, JHF is constructing our 87-unit Estrella Vista development in Emeryville where they have seamlessly navigated significant environmental remediation, incorporated unforeseen obstacles into their scope, and maintained a wonderful working relationship with both the City and our neighbors. Prior to Emeryville, JHF was the General Contractor on Cathedral Gardens, a 100-unit development in Oakland, which included the rehabilitation of a 110-year old Rectory building, earning LEED Platinum certification, and special commendations for their attention to the need for more workforce and affordable housing. In my experience, the JHF team has always held a high degree of accountability and professionalism, which shines through in their finished work. We at EAH look forward to seeing our current project being completed and will surely look to JHF for our future contracting opportunities."


Sr. Project Manager

"I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for JH Fitzmaurice, based on our experience working with them as general contractors on many affordable housing multifamily housing projects for nearly two decades. Resources for Community Development (RCD) is a Berkeley-based non-profits that develops and owns affordable housing properties in the Bay Area. We have developed approximately 60 multifamily buildings in our over 30 years in operation, with several more currently in construction or pre-development. JH Fitzmaurice is one of our go-to partners in our work. JHF has been the general contractor on several complex developments in recent years. At 1701 MLK Apartments in downtown Oakland, we built 26 small apartments on a tight infill site of approximately .1 acres. The team took creative approaches to construction in order to work around existing utilities and buildings. In 2018, JHF completed construction on Riviera Apartments in Walnut Creek, a scattered site development with two buildings located a block apartment. JHF managed construction of the two properties smoothly and completed construction on budget, despite substantial delays due to a rainy winter. We continue to return to working with JHF due to the expertise they providing in budgeting and constructability review during pre-development; the high quality of the superintendents and project managers that lead work during construction; and the continued partnership and responsiveness they offer post-construction if any questions or concerns arise."


Associate Director of Housing Development

"It is with pleasure that I am providing this letter of recommendation for J.H. ritzmaurice, Inc., based on our experience working with them as general contractors on both the Estabrook SeniorHousing & Weinreb Place Senior Housing projects. On both of these projects, throughout pre-development and during construction J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. has made recommendations on how to both improve thebuilding and significantly reduce construction costs. During pre-development, J.h. Fitzmaurice provided detailed construction estimates and project schedules. I am particularly pleased that J.H. Fitzmaurice has made an effort torealize project savings early in the construction process toallow Eden Housing the opportunity to incorporate betterments into the project. We cherish our working relationship with J . . Fitzmaurice, Inc. and are confident that there will be many more projects on thehorizon."


Senior Construction
Project Developer

"On behalf of Satellite Affordable Housing Associated (SAHA), Im' pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for J.H. Fitzmaurice. SAHA is a nonprofit affordable housing developer, owner, and manager that was founded in 1966 and has developed approximately 4,000 multifamily housing units throughout the Bay Area. We have been pleased to work with J.H. Fitzmaurice in their capacity as General Contractor for nearly 20 years. During this time, they have completed three multifamily buildings in Berkeley for SAHA and three in Oakland. W e a r e currently working with JHF on two additional multifamily projects that are in construction and nearing completion. We continue to seek out opportunities to work with JHF because of their high quality work, commitment to customer satisfaction, ability to collaborate effectively, and their impeccable integrity."


VP, Real Estate Development

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of support for JH Fitzmaurice Inc. I am Emiliano Sanchez, the Coordinator of CTE Trades and Apprenticeship with the Oakland Unified School District. I have served OUSD and the students in this capacity for over 6 years. Prior to this position I was a math teacher and Principal of Fremont High School in Oakland. In my current position, my function is to build out work based learning opportunities for students across the district, for awareness and exploration into careers. I also work closely with high school staff in support of the pathways that lift up and also prepare students for non-traditional careers. I use Work Based Continuum as a guide for my work. For career awareness and exploration I use the coordinate guest speaker opportunities, virtual and in person, and trip to pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training centers. This provides our students an opportunity to learn about the skilled trades and how to pursue career opportunities after high school. In addition, I also coordinate skilled trade fairs for the students of OUSD. This allows the students to engage with individuals in the construction industry and gives them a light hands on experience with the tools of the trades. Career preparation for entry into the skilled trades can only be done with the appropriate resources and equipment. Through my work I have been able to build out two skilled trades programs in OUSD. Fremont High School and Skyline High School students can develop their skills in the construction shops at the schools. Other students have the opportunity through OUSD’s Summer Intro to Skilled Trades Program at the Cypress Mandela Training Center. It was at Cypress Mandela where I met Kyan Hakimi from J.H. Fitzmaurice. Kyan came to CMTC and spoke to the CMTC students and the OUSD Summer students. Through further dialogue with Kyan and Eric Shanks from CMTC, we arranged interviews with some of the OUSD students. And they took on 3 students as Interns that are assigned to local construction projects in Oakland, 2 of the interns are still in their final year of high school This letter is written to familiarize your team with our program and express our support of J.H. Fitzmaurice Inc. They have expressed a genuine desire to work with our youth and provide them opportunities, opportunities that could be catalysts into their field of choice in construction. We look to a long fruitful relationship with them in support of our students. We are building a pipeline of talent within our district and know that our partnership will be mutually beneficial."


Coordinator, CTE Trades and Apprenticeships, Linked Learning Offic

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